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Public Attributes

jbg_dec_state Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

unsigned long at_line [JBG_ATMOVES_MAX]
int at_moves
int at_tx [JBG_ATMOVES_MAX]
int at_ty [JBG_ATMOVES_MAX]
unsigned long bie_len
int buf_len
unsigned char buffer [20]
unsigned long comment_skip
int d
int dl
int dmax
char * dppriv
unsigned long i
unsigned long ii [3]
unsigned long l0
unsigned char ** lhp [2]
unsigned long line_h1
unsigned long line_h2
unsigned long line_h3
unsigned long line_l1
unsigned long line_l2
unsigned long line_l3
int ** lntp
int mx
int my
int options
int order
int planes
int pseudo
int ** reset
struct jbg_ardec_state ** s
unsigned long stripes
int ** tx
int ** ty
unsigned long x
unsigned long xd
unsigned long xmax
unsigned long yd
unsigned long ymax

Detailed Description

Definition at line 136 of file jbig.h.

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